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Know the Law

InfiniTrak Insights – Know the Law (Spring 2022) – Dispensers need to know the law, so they aren’t caught off guard by solutions claiming, ‘they do it all’. DSCSA solutions can help with compliance, they...

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Focused on Dispensers

InfiniTrak Insights – Focused on Dispensers (Spring 2022) – For years the DSCSA has focused mainly on manufacturers and wholesalers. As we approach 2023 that focus is shifting.  The regulators and other industry leaders are...

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Counterfeit Drugs Widespread

Counterfeit Drugs Widespread TOLEDO, Ohio (January 2022) – On January 19th, 2022, in The Wall Street Journal, Gilead Sciences Inc reported 85,247 bottles of HIV drugs were counterfeited and distributed to 17 different locations. The...

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