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We started developing our DSCSA Solution before the law was fully enacted. In collaboration with many retail pharmacies and state associations and boards of pharmacy our solution was built from the ground up specifically focused on dispensers and their needs. Over the past decade, InfiniTrak has had the pleasure to partner with many organizations through the U.S. Networking with state associations, buying groups, co-operatives, and many other affiliated organizations allows us to provide our innovative compliance solution to thousands of pharmacies of all sizes. If you are a member of an association, buying group, or co-operative, contact us for your affiliation code to access best pricing.

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Know the Law

InfiniTrak Insights – Know the Law (Spring 2022) – Dispensers need to know the law, so they aren’t caught off guard by solutions claiming, ‘they...

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Focused on Dispensers

InfiniTrak Insights – Focused on Dispensers (Spring 2022) – For years the DSCSA has focused mainly on manufacturers and wholesalers. As we approach 2023 that...

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InfiniTrak Expansion Continues

InfiniTrak Expansion Continues TOLEDO, Ohio, June 23, 2022 (eReleases) – InfiniTrak, a leader in Track and Trace technology services in the healthcare space continues to...

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