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ROI Functionality Beyond DSCSA

Adding Value Beyond Compliance

The InfiniTrak team understands the significance of selecting the right product to implement a solution that satisfies your track & trace needs. Because we took a fundamentally different approach to our product development, we are uniquely positioned to serve the independent market, addressing unique pain-points with compliance.

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InfiniTrak is continually developing new functionality to automate pharmacy processes. Many of which have been requested by our long list of customers to improve both productivity and patient safety. Here is a list of just some of our added functionality beyond industry leading compliance.

Account Management

InfiniTrak’s Account Management allows you to supervise compliance across your pharmacy network from a single sign on. Administrators can easily manage users and control access to both location and functionality. Customized alerts to assure compliance is another feature.

Mobile App

Keep your DSCSA compliance at your fingertips with InfiniTrak’s Mobile app designed for both Android and iOS. The mobile app mimics your platform providing all the same functionality as well as mobile scanning.

Scanning Integration

InfiniTrak’s robust API enables us to integrate with any HID scanner. Scanning efficiently captures the data to instantly verify product. Scanning also eliminates manual entry and human error which reduces operation costs and ultimately improves patient safety.

Expiry Management

Save both valuable time and money with InfiniTrak’s Expiry Management module. Expiry management allows you to customize alerts so you can identify soon to expire product, remove it from your shelves, and get more of your refund back.

Data Analytics

InfiniTrak’s Data Analytics provides quick and easy reporting tools that provide sophisticated inventory visualization. Easily see where products are located, who is handling the compliance tasks, and more. Reports allow you to stay one step ahead of your pharmacy’s compliance tasks.

Recall Management

Managing your recalled product is vital to improving patient safety, and the more automated the process the better. InfiniTrak’s Recall Management not only alerts you to recalled product, but it also pinpoints where the product is within your supply chain. Instead of spending countless hours searching inventory know instantly if you received the product and specify the exact location of said product.

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