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DSCSA Compliance Solution

Comprehensive Compliance Solution

InfiniTrak is a cloud-based, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), used to determine the current and past locations of pharmaceutical products purchased and/or sold through pharmaceutical trading partners. The framework includes a database, file repository, and a webserver all hosted in Microsoft Azure.

InfiniTrak provides workflow support in accordance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act to meet each of the requirements:

Transaction data information from all trading partners is aggregated into one location with robust search and reporting tools. Trading partner verification and transaction management, to workflows that align to your standard operating procedures. InfiniTrak provides the functionality to be fully compliant for DSCSA and beyond.

Learn more about how our simple to use web-based compliance software can deliver your operations the features and functionality to maintain compliance with DSCSA.

AcariaHealth values compliance. We chose InfiniTrak because the software is user friendly and enables our company to streamline DCSA compliance across our nationwide network of pharmacies. They provide a true partnership and their software has exceeded our expectations.”

– Mark Shinkle, Vice President, Supply Chain, AcariaHealth


InfiniTrak’s Key Functionality Includes:

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Benefits of InfiniTrak

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