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Building from the bottom up - with the end user as the linchpin - we focused on what DSCSA required

In customizing a system that captures and keeps this information in a way that makes the most sense to you. InfiniTrak’s cloud-based “Software as a Service” automatically incorporates new software updates
and changes to data standards and regulations. At the same time, the InfiniTrak system reduces business risk by ensuring that business processes are documented within the workflows to evidence compliance with legal requirements. Regulators emphasize if it is not documented it is considered not done. Make sure all facets of DSCSA are documented with the appropriate processes in place.

InfiniTrak’s DSCSA compliance solution is an All-In-One cloud-based platform designed specifically for dispensers. Our user-friendly, innovative technology aggregates all your data into one location with the automated processes in place to document and verify in accordance with the law. InfiniTrak’s DSCSA compliance solution covers all aspects of the DSCSA through and beyond 2023 interoperability.

Controlled Substance Tracing System provides real-time controlled substance monitoring to alert organizations to discrepancies in the supply chain. Designed to help healthcare and law enforcement combat the opioid crisis this functionality has expanded to a multitude of inventory usage.

ROI Functionality Beyond DSCSA provides additional software tools to improve workflows, optimize efficiency, and enhance the return on your investment.

Our Product Overview

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Reverse Engineering for Your End of the Supply Chain

The result of our careful reverse engineering is a dynamic and practical software solution that affords our clients significant benefits beyond its primary role – full compliance with DSCSA.

The FDA has posted resources for small business owners to explain the essential components of DSCSA. Visit for more information.