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An innovative solution to streamlining pharmaceutical compliance with the DSCSA

The FDA has already begun enforcing DSCSA, which was signed into law November 2013.

The law requires all stakeholders in the drug supply chain to comply with electronic transmission of transaction data. Our track & trace software will help you meet those requirements. InfiniTrak will enable users to easily facilitate the transmission of transaction data and communicate with other legacy supply chain systems in use. With InfiniTrak, rest assured you will be able to produce required reports and respond to FDA audits with ease.

How Can InfiniTrak Help Dispensers?

InfiniTrak enables pharmacists to focus on what really matters, patient care. InfiniTrak helps you streamline your communications with upstream partners so you can focus on quality care, drug interactions and patient satisfaction. InfiniTrak removes the regulatory burden so that you can continue to put patient care first.

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