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SRS Pharmacy Systems Partners with InfiniTrak for Complete Turnkey DSCSA Compliance Solution

The Partnership Provides a Comprehensive, User-Friendly DSCSA Compliance Solution to SRS Pharmacies

TOLEDO, OHIO, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 / — SRS announces its partnership with InfiniTrak, an industry-leading Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) solutions provider. This partnership provides the SRS pharmacy base with the necessary DSCSA compliance tools.

The FDA has announced a reprieve of one year, until November 27, 2024, for DSCSA requirements compliance. But, as their announcement emphasized, they are encouraging the industry, including all dispensers, to continue working toward complete compliance at the end of this stabilization period, and stressed that there were still 2023 requirements to meet.

Sam Pizzo, InfiniTrak Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, said, “This “stabilization period”, will give pharmacies plenty of time to make all necessary adjustments and fine tune their systems. Pharmacies should not slow down, nor put off their efforts, but continue to focus on ensuring that all their processes and procedures are working properly and efficiently well before the new deadline.”

Jim Tussey, SRS Pharmacy’s CEO, “We chose a partner who understands pharmacy. As pharmacy solutions need to minimize workflow disruptions, provide immediate access to regulatory data, and meet all required data archiving functions while preparing for the 2024 interoperability, traceability, and product verification compliance requirements.”

About SRS

A 30-year veteran in the retail pharmacy marketplace, serving customers in 28 states and meeting all the technology challenges of modern pharmacy:

– SRS serves retail, community, hospital out-patient, clinic, and university pharmacies.
– SRS staff installs each pharmacy system, rewiring and updating services to professional standards.
– SRS provides integrated and multifaceted solutions, including pharmacy management, networking, security, POS phone, text, credit card, PCI certification, daily security log management and more.

About InfiniTrak

InfiniTrak is a recognized industry leader in all facets of track and trace technology. The company continues to lead the way in DSCSA automation for pharmacies across the United States. Our latest FASTRAK process connects trading partners, automates pharmacy compliance processes, and offers customized real time alerts for pharmacies in an incredibly expedited fashion.

InfiniTrak’s impressive footprint among every dispenser vertical continues to expand as more pharmacies switch to InfiniTrak. The company’s growth pace significantly exceeds industry expectations for a reason. Their advanced technology has made InfiniTrak a beacon of light for pharmacies throughout the United States.

InfiniTrak`s IT team constantly improves and enhances their solution based on the specific needs of their customers. This allows InfiniTrak to stay ahead of the curve in terms of added functionality and efficiencies.

InfiniTrak is based in Toledo, Ohio, with Government Affairs and IT offices located in Ashburn, Virginia.

For further information, contact:

Sam Pizzo
InfiniTrak 2.0 LLC
+1 567-277-3660

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