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The InfiniTrak team comes from an impressive range of backgrounds and education to ensure that our approach considers all angles. Our diverse specialists are dedicated to regulatory expertise, innovative technology, and superior quality.

For over 30 years, Alan Lancz has acquired assets and coordinated teams to build industry leaders. Finding out what customers want, and using technology to provide the solutions in the most efficient manner has been a key in creating the demand to become a significant presence making a positive impact in the space. For the last five years Mr. Lancz has led InfiniTrak to record growth, and in conjunction with an excellent team, he has placed InfiniTrak as the track; trace compliance leader for dispensers in the United States.

The added functionality developed in terms of automation, enhanced reporting, and customized alerts to avoid disruptions in pharmacy operations are all ideas from our great customers and partners over the years.

Partner and Chief Technology Officer at InfiniTrak. My team creates software that promotes innovative solutions that improve the saftey of the public, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency in both the public sector and healthcare space. Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to expand beyond DSCSA and provide new solutions adding functionality to lower customer’s costs as well as vastly improving efficiency.

InfiniTrak’s flagship product has expanded over the years well beyond the initial independent pharmacists and hospital dispensaries that need a cost-effective solution to bolster their drug supply security. At that time it was an intuitive compliance solution for all aspects of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Since 2015, our technology has expanded to so many new and broader areas from law enforcement tools to predictive analytics for both the public and private sector.

For well over a decade, Mark Tate has “made a difference” in every community and every industry in which he has served. A self avowed giver and contributor in all aspects of his life, Mark has spent the bulk of his professional career working and coordinating with state and governmental officials to implement programs which benefit communities — particularly in combating the opioid crisis. His expertise on DSCSA compliance and career networking with regulatory agencies have proved invaluable to InfiniTrak staying in forefront with ongoing regulations.

As President of InfiniTrak, a company which develops these programs, he finds the dual approach of of creating the comprehensive technology solutions to fight the epidemic at the source of the crisis — with programs to help those families most heavily affected by the crisis — the overall solution. On a personal level, Mark and his wife give back by fostering five small children as part of the Foster Kids Program. Mark and InfiniTrak are currently working on proactive analytical solutions to track and trace opioids and other controlled substances to ultimately end the opioid crisis at its source. He is particularly proud of InfiniTrak’s innovative solutions and robust data analytics that may actually uncover the next crisis of abuse BEFORE it begins its devastation of American families.

Tom Griffin joined InfiniTrak in 2022 after coordinating IT and security for Sofo Foods, which covers distribution centers throughout a 20 state marketplace. Prior to that, he worked with Mat Ishbia in his core business, United Wholesale Mortgage based in Pontiac Michigan. Mr. Griffin’s career has expanded over 25 years in technology and operations, primarily in the Midwest, covering industry leaders from Chicago Illinois to Detroit Michigan to now, Toledo Ohio.

Mary Zervos coordinates large scale implementation of InfiniTrak’s compliance solutions for drug store chains and healthcare organizations.

She joined InfiniTrak in 2019 with the added functionality the company has developed beyond DSCSA to provide ROI to dispensers. She spent the prior 8 years at CVS Health and has built her 14 year career on increasing efficiency by tailoring processes to reduce time and cost in the healthcare arena.

Jason is the Chief Financial Officer for InfiniTrak 2.0 LLC; he focuses on the creation and development of operational and accounting expertise.

Jason has more than 12 years in the financial services industry. Under his tenure as a Shareholder, Director and Executive Committee Member at Strait Capital, assets under administration increased from $40 Million to over $4 Billion. His expertise lies in architecting and delivering full-fledge institutional operating platforms. Jason graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Economics with Business Honors and Department Distinction from Southern Methodist University. Jason has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. The CFA designation is regarded as one of the key investment professional certifications and is currently held by no more than 155,000 members worldwide.

Throughout his over 15 year career, Justin Hammerling has become a recognized leader in bringing new products and solutions to the Healthcare sector. From I/O Surg, which reduced millions in Medicare denials, to Face2Face’s top ranked mobile ap, Hammerling has proven expertise spanning the full lifecycle of successful healthcare offerings.

Hammerling’s background in winning Modern Healthcare’s “Top 25 Innovator” of the year and AHA’s Next Generation Leaders Fellowship fits
perfectly with InfiniTrak’s more than decade long leadership in developing the most innovative technology solutions for its customers and partners.

On a personal note, Hammerling is deeply committed to advancing patient care and healthcare access through new technologies. At
ProMedica Health System and Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Hammerling coordinated innovative programs, launched new initiatives and instituted best practices that promoted creativity and growth. Working with an InfiniTrak team consisting of numerous colleagues having similar decades of experience in using AI to foster enhanced functionality and solutions, will only make Hammerling’s primary role in business development even more rewarding.