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InfiniTrak Insights - Top 8 Reasons Pharmacies Choose InfiniTrak

(Summer 2022)

  1. InfiniTrak streamlines our compliance workflows with it’s all-in-one solution.
  2. InfiniTrak automates processes, avoiding disruption to pharmacy operations.
  3. InfiniTrak provides an incredibly flexible platform that fits your pharmacy’s needs.
  4. Knowledge of the law and staying one step ahead in compliance, scanning, reporting, and interoperability.
  5. Secure cloud-based solution with no added hardware is a key reason our pharmacies switch to InfiniTrak.
  6. No Touch Implementation and real-time audit services made the switch to InfiniTrak an easy one.
  7. InfiniTrak owns and licenses its proprietary advanced technology and does not outsource.
  8. InfiniTrak’s primary focus is on DSCSA compliance and streamlining pharmacy workflow. Both DSCSA and pharmacy operations are not a sideline for them.


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