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SoftWriters and InfiniTrak Partner to Simplify DSCSA Compliance for Pharmacies

(Pittsburgh, PA – May 30, 2023) –SoftWriters, Inc., the industry leader in long-term care (LTC) pharmacy technology has announced its partnership with InfiniTrak for its outstanding Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) services solution for dispensers.

This collaboration brings together the expertise of two industry leaders to streamline the process of meeting the regulatory requirements set forth by the DSCSA, ensuring enhanced patient safety and operational efficiency.

The DSCSA was enacted to keep the US pharmaceutical drug supply chain safe from counterfeit or otherwise dangerous drugs getting to consumers. The final phase of this law will be enacted on November 27, 2023, and at that point, dispensers will need to be fully compliant with all aspects of the law. Long-term care pharmacies play a critical role in providing medications to vulnerable populations, making compliance with the DSCSA imperative for maintaining the highest standards of care and patient protection.

“We are thrilled to join forces with InfiniTrak to support long-term care pharmacies in navigating the complex landscape of DSCSA compliance,” said SoftWriters President Scott Beatty. “This is yet another example of how we regularly canvas the healthcare technology eco-system for partnerships to unlock innovation and address the evolving needs of LTC pharmacies.”

“This gives the superior technology that SoftWriters customers expect and having peace of mind that their facilities are completely in compliance with the current and well as the final phase of this FDA regulatory mandate, later this year,” said InfiniTrak President Mark Tate. “With all the last-minute maneuvering within the drug supply chain, dispensers need to know that they have access to a fully compliant solution. This partnership will provide the dispensers with the tools to fill the gaps that currently exist within the DSCSA compliance today,” Mr. Tate emphasized.

SoftWriters and InfiniTrak invite long-term care pharmacies to take the necessary steps to become DSCSA compliant. By embracing this partnership, pharmacies gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to simplify their compliance efforts. This collaboration not only ensures adherence to the DSCSA but also fosters operational efficiency and minimizes the risk of medication-related errors.

About InfiniTrak

InfiniTrak is a pioneer and industry leader in track and trace technology. InfiniTrak was created with the dispenser in mind, utilizing user-friendly solutions that automate and improve functionality which easily integrates into pharmacy operations and systems. The company’s intuitive tools make compliance easy, offering full DSCSA compliance for all the current, and upcoming, FDA mandates. InfiniTrak is based in Toledo, Ohio with Government Affairs and IT offices located in Ashburn, Virginia. For more information about InfiniTrak visit:

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