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InfiniTrak Collaborates with HHS on Controlled Substances

May 11, 2019 – Last month, executives from InfiniTrak met with top level directors of the Health & Human Services in Washington D.C. about utilizing our Controlled Substance Tracking System. This meeting led to working with HIDTA agencies that could benefit from our real time alerts and proprietary advanced data analytics. This coordinates with our previous work focused on our customized solution to detect areas of need for the country including heat-mapping and real time alerts. During a time when the Opioid Crisis has caused the third consecutive year of declining life expectancy in the United States, we are enthused that these regulatory agencies are inspired to utilize our expertise.

The FDA has delayed some of the regulations from their original DSCSA schedule. This has created a window for InfiniTrak to add expanded optional functionality above and beyond what is required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. In addition, our solutions will continually be adding new functionality aimed at improving and expanding our industry leading dynamic. InfiniTrak is also in discussion with these regulatory agencies to evaluate compliance procedures for DSCSA to assure comprehensive compliance throughout all parts of the supply chain.

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