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InfiniTrak Announces a New DSCSA Compliance Solution for Pharmacies

Herndon, VA (December 1, 2015)―As enforcement of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) approaches, InfiniTrak announced today new partnerships for helping independent, retail, regional chain and hospital pharmacies comply with new FDA regulations.

InfiniTrak is entering endorsement agreements with State Pharmacy Associations, an independent pharmacist association, and a pharmacy services administration organization (PSAO) to exclusively provide the InfiniTrak track-and-trace software solution to their members.

“The FDA released updated guidance notifying dispensers that enforcement of product tracing under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act will be extended until March of next year,” said InfiniTrak President Mark Tate. “DSCSA, designed to safeguard the nation’s drug supply chain, holds pharmacists fully accountable to new standards of receiving and maintaining drug purchasing data. We are proud to offer them an affordable, efficient and effective solution to maintain compliance with these new rules, while at the same time helping them to do the important work they do in servicing their communities.”

InfiniTrak will work with the state pharmacy associations for Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Virginia and West Virginia, the Alliance of Independent Pharmacists of Texas, and the American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc. to provide its leading edge technology designed to ensure pharmacy compliance with complex new government regulations imposed by DSCSA.

“On behalf of our members we explored the options thoroughly and are convinced that InfiniTrak provides our members with a top notch product at the most affordable price. This is going to simplify processes and provide new efficiencies across the board,” said Luke Gordon, Pharmacy Regulatory & Compliance Director of PharmCAP.

InfiniTrak has been at the forefront of the new FDA regulations, spearheading efforts in both education and outreach, helping those affected by these new regulations to understand the key requirements of DSCSA’s implementation, and providing a cutting-edge software solution.

About InfiniTrak

InfiniTrak is a cloud-based software-as-a-service, comprehensive compliance solution for aggregation and verification of track-and-trace data regarding the current and past locations of pharmaceutical products. The company, also named InfiniTrak, is headquartered in Herndon, VA. If you would like to learn more or request a demonstration, please contact Mark Tate ( or

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