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  • Infinitrak for Dispensers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    InfiniTrak has built our technology to create secure, custom designed and innovative solutions

    Our IT is tailor made to provide overall functionality for Product Recall, Expiry Management, Mobile Scanning and Controlled Substance Tracking, combined with comprehensive DSCSA compliance. 

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  • InfiniTrak's Proprietary Controlled Substance Tracking System (CSTS)

    Real Time Tool For Government & Law Enforcement

    Our state-of-the-art data analytics, proprietary algorithms and leading edge software has created a tracking system which provides real time alerts, throughout all segments of the supply chain, for real time action -- and visibility and cutting-edge data NOW.

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  • The Leader in DSCSA compliance for Pharmacies, Manufacturers, Distributors and Hospitals through the U.S.

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    Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities are in a unique position with DSCSA. As both a dispenser and a distributor, building a DSCSA compliance solution requires all the tools to make sure you are covered. 

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    InfiniTrak is an All-in-One compliance solution designed specifically for dispensers. Our intuitive platform is user friendly with our no-touch implementation, automated processes, and added functionality to improve ROI. These are just some of the reasons that we have become the industry leader from independents to large chains. 

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    DSCSA Interoperability is just ahead. For dispensers these new requirements bring with them a host of challenges. InfiniTrak’s innovative technology covers all requirements through interoperability, including EPCIS capability. Dispensers are the last line of defense protecting patients from counterfeit and illegitimate drugs. 

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InfiniTrak’s Industry Leading Compliance Solutions:

Focused on DSCSA Compliance for Retail Pharmacy Chains and Healthcare Systems

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Advanced Technology

InfiniTrak has become the industry leader in adding value to compliance. Our Product Recall, Expiry Management, Controlled Substance Tracking and Mobile Scanning have placed us at the forefront of the industry.

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InfiniTrak’s Suspect Product WizardTM built the company’s reputation of being the ultimate flexible user-friendly compliance platform. Our flexibility allows us to always be improving on our solution and adding value for our customers.

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InfiniTrak’s compliance solutions utilize a multitude of security metrics to ensure the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

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Value Added Integration

InfiniTrak’s robust API and experienced IT team allow easy integration with your current system, adding efficiency, avoiding human error and simplifying your workflow process.

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InfiniTrak's Enterprise Solution - Public Sector

What others are saying about us

InfiniTrak does what individual wholesaler portals don’t. The beauty of InfiniTrak is that if a pharmacy does face an audit the system allows a user to quickly pull up all drug transaction information without having to log into multiple wholesaler’s systems. Having everything flow into one system is a huge time saver for a busy pharmacy.”

– Deborah MacLean, Pharm. D Director of Pharmacy, Eldercare Pharmacy, Acworth, GA

I love the InfiniTrak program…this was the easiest of the three. We heard a lot of hospitals have moved from the industry leader, but your program is much simpler, and you guys have got them beat. I think your dashboard … is easy to navigate because it shows you exactly what you need to do. It is exactly what we are looking for to verify orders and easily document what is needed for DSCSA. InfiniTrak brought up compliance at a whole different level …

– Todd Leopold, Dir. of Pharmacy, Wood County Hospital

I can’t thank you enough for the ease of your site. Thank you Thank you Thank You! After years of struggle, InfiniTrak’s customer service is live and quick response time is what I have been wishing to have saving me time every day!”

– KS - Pharmacist, Weber City, VA

After nearly a 3 year review, we selected InfiniTrak as the best solution for our member’s needs. They have the best comprehensive DSCSA solution at a reasonable price. We could not be happier with our relationship.”

– Vice President of Procurement - Leading GPO

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