The InfiniTrak team understands the significance of selecting the right product to implement a solution that satisfies your track & trace needs. Because we took a fundamentally different approach to our product development, we are uniquely positioned to serve the independent market, addressing unique pain-points with compliance.

InfiniTrak was created to not only enable compliance but add value beyond compliance. Our solution is designed to streamline processes, increasing efficiency and accountability, and ensure that you can focus on what you do best – serving customers and the community.

Building from the bottom up – with the end user as the linchpin – we focused on what DSCSA requires:

  • Verification

    A process to verify Trading Partners are authorized and properly licensed to sell/trade pharmaceuticals;

  • Transaction Data Capture/Retention

    The ability to receive and/or send track & trace transactional data and store such information (either electronically, via scan and upload, or through manual entry) with ready access for 6 years or longer; and

  • Quality Inspection and Reporting

    A process to inspect, investigate and quarantine any suspect or potentially adulterated or counterfeit product and quickly communicate this information up and down the supply chain. Investigation files and evidence can be maintained within the system linked to the transactions in question.

In customizing a system that captures and keeps this information in a way that makes the most sense to you, we created a cloud-based “Software as a Service” that automatically incorporates new software updates and changes to data standards and regulations. At the same time, the InfiniTrak system reduces business risk by ensuring that business processes are documented within the workflows to evidence compliance with legal requirements.

Our Product Overview