InfiniTrak is a pioneer and industry leader in track and trace technology   We bring our wide experience in pharmaceutical biotechnology, supply chain management, information technology and regulatory compliance to the creation of innovative and cutting-edge solutions.  

InfiniTrak was created from a strong desire to bring these products to market as a flexible, easy-to-implement-and-manage, as well as economical solution for small businesses, pharmacies and pharmaceutical organizations, and manufacturers -- and as the ultimate solution to protecting the supply chain, at all levels, from counterfeiting, theft and other illegal activities and diversions.  Because dispensaries are the last line of defense in the public's exposure and access to drugs, InfiniTrak has become a leader in securing the supply chain at the dispensary level.

InfiniTrak has developed unique "track & trace" systems, all cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) system, that provides ultimate control and maximum compliance protection over all supply chain data, its management and DSCSA mandatory reporting.   We are proud to be working with State regarding our Controlled Substance Tracking System (CSTS) which lauched in November 2018. CSTS provides real-time custom designed solutions that can help stop the Opioid Crisis at its source. More importantly with collaboration for public sector, CSTS has multi-faceted benefits including providing a dynamic tool for law enforcement while securing the drug supply chain and utilizing predictive analytics to identify the next substnace or compound of abuse.