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InfiniTrak Launches the Next Series of ROI Functionality Beyond DSCSA

December 18, 2019 – InfiniTrak has gone live on their next series of ROI functionality specifically designed to enhance profitability for retail pharamcies and healthcare organizations. This added functionality, that goes beyond InfiniTrak’s intuitive DSCSA compliance solution, was initiated with Controlled Substance Tracking System (CSTS) back in November 2018. The company has added Expiry Management in our continual effort to optimize inventory visibility. During a time when dispensers need to lower costs and improve margins, it is exciting to have this functionality already available.

“InfiniTrak’s focus on the dispenser end of the supply chain has given us the advanatage to develop functionality well ahead of the industry,” said President Mark Tate regarding his newly added functionality, as well as, our mobile scanning and Recall Management which are both in beta testing and scheduled to be launched next month. “Our proprietary Data Analytics, combined with Recall Management, Mobile Scanning, Expiry Management, and CSTS provide an unparalleled opportunity for retail pharmacies and hospitals to enhance inventory visualization while lowering costs and improving margins.”

InfiniTrak is an industry leader focused on compliance, inventory visualization, and ROI optimization for retail pharmacy chains and healthcare systems.

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