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Posted on Oct 31, 2016 in News

Supply Chain Scams are Real

This week, the InfiniTrak team sheds some light on a recent Wall Street Journal article on the recent conviction of a pharmacist and his criminal cohorts for a AboutUs_Imagescheme involving sales of counterfeit HIV products.  This is the type of activity that the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is trying to prevent.

So how does a scheme like this work?  Well, according to Pharmacy Times, in this case, there were 10 different companies that were involved in setting a complex distribution to feed black market products back into the supply chain.  Some of these products were purchased on the street; some were previously dispensed to other patients.  Some of these companies were wholesalers in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, and California.  I imagine these “sham” wholesalers had to look like the real deal and sell product to other customers as well.

What if you were one of their other customers?  How could you prevent being scammed?

Well, the first thing you can do is follow the requirements of DSCSA:

  • Make sure you are only buying product from wholesalers who are properly licensed to sell product in your state.
  • Make sure you check the transaction data of the chain of ownership when you receive the product to ensure its authenticity.
  • Make sure you visually inspect your products during your first order with a new wholesaler. Make sure the labeling looks clean and untampered. Inspect the integrity of the product appearance.   If something looks off, take the time to inquire further and following the product verification procedures of the law.

Not sure how to handle all this?

We have an easy, one-stop solution to help you with all this.  Contact for more information on our DSCSA compliance solution and the additional channel partner savings you  may be eligible for as we close out the year.