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Posted on Dec 7, 2016 in News

DSCSA Education: InfiniTrak Shares Thought Leadership on Pharmacy Podcast

pharmacypodcastListen & Learn about the Drug Supply Chain Security Act with InfiniTrak’s Podcast Series

This episode of the Pharmacy Podcast brings you more Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) education with InfiniTrak’s Denise Garcia sharing her latest insights on the law and how InfiniTrak is helping pharmacists improve patient care. Listen to this latest recording to learn more on how InfiniTrak brings a cost-effective software solution to track and trace requirements that puts you in the driver’s seat, controlling your information, ensuring your compliance, and freeing you up to spend time on your customer-patients.

InfiniTrak is excited to partner with Pharmacy Podcast to deliver you another easy way to stay in the know. Listen while you drive into work or catch the interview on your lunch break from your smartphone. Information about the latest DSCSA regulations is easy to access while on road or at your desk, music to your compliance ears.

LISTEN HERE to the latest episode!

For more information on our Podcast Series and InfiniTrak  contact today.